Saturday, July 11, 2009

White People Have Been Set Free!

By Walter E. Williams that is...

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to
All Persons of European Descent

Walter Williams is a brilliant man.

One of the things that makes me insanely annoyed is the the victimization of black culture by both progressive white people and black "leaders" like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc.

I was listening to NPR on my way to work one morning (don't ask me why I was listening to NPR...masochism?) and there was some sort of "scholar" talking about how white racism is still keeping blacks down today.

His point was that there was a study done about job applications submitted to various positions that all had the same qualifications, skills and experience. The catch was that the applications with names like "Lakisha, T'shandra, Jammal, Tamika" didn't get hired yet names like "Carrie, Jessica, Kristen" did get hired.

First of all lets put our "let's get real hats" on and take our politically correct hats off.

Point 1: People ARE affected by biases based on life experience. (Universal Truth)
Point 2: Most People with black names like "Lakisha, T'shandra, Jammal, Tamika" are black.
Point 3: Most people with black names come from families that are fatherless or have parents not in wedlock (two thirds single parent, 70% not in wedlock.) Statistics
Point 4: This disadvantaged home situation produces children more prone to be incarcerated, addicted to drugs, high school drop-outs, undisciplined, impolite, ignorant of proper behavior/vocabulary/attire for professional environments etc.
Point 5: People do not want to hire individuals with the above behaviors for the risk of making a poor hiring decision that may have a negative effect on their company.

So what is the solution? Force employers to start hiring people with "black names"???

The REAL solution would be:
1. Black folks need to stop naming their children ghetto names and use neutral ones instead like "Layla, Naomi etc." (Bill Cosby agrees)
2. There must be a resurrection of the black family that teaches traditional moral values, discipline, education, common sense etc. That means that black children need their parents to be their role models, not Lebron James or 50 Cent or Beyonce (obviously plenty of white folks need this advice as well).

Oh and one other thing: Eventually I would like to get to the point where race just ceases to be an issue in society so we can STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Unfortunatley NPR broadcasters such as the one I heard on the way to work insist on constantly regurgitating victimization polemic.

Morgan Freeman says it best:

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