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Milton Friedman Exemplfies Brilliance

Absolutely brilliant as usual - Milton at his best.

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Greenpeace Leader Admits Arctic Ice Exaggeration

I find that organizations with the word "green" or "peace" in their name are usually the sleaziest.

Case and point:

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Wake Up Conservatives,Combat Liberal Lies about Corporations

A video I made before the election that is a commentary on the success the left has had in demonizing corporations.

It was sort of funny listening to it now in retrospect...

It was also meant to be a commentary on what the Republican party needed to do to beat down this deceitful rhetoric.

For the most part I fear that the majority of conservative pundits on the television are incapable of effectively dispelling these liberal talking points.

Unfortunatley, leftist talking points are almost always easier to "blame the corporations for your troubles!!!"

Or the fact that when the government uses taxpayer dollars to build a windmill farm you can tangibly see the result of the money spent, even if it was spent innefficiently. You do not see the individuals who lose their job, or can't find a job due to lack of capital and investment since the government siphoned it off to pay for the windmill.

For all time the conervative's dilemma (also trying to deprogram indoctrinated young voters who were educated by the government).

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Judge NOT By the Color of One's Skin but by the Content of One's Character

Rachel has too keep asking the same question over and over ("Why are 110 out of 113 supreme court justices white?") to Pat because she is having her argument decimated.

Maddow hardly ever has anyone on her show that disagrees with her (except for people like Meghan McCain who aren't exactly intellectual heavyweights to be charitible).

On the other hand, although I don't agree with Buchanan all the time, he does excellently in this exchange.

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Billy Mays Interviews Obama

In memorium of Billy Mays - America's greatest pitchman.

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MacArthur on the Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren is only 1 step away from Joel Osteen.

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White People Have Been Set Free!

By Walter E. Williams that is...

Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to
All Persons of European Descent

Walter Williams is a brilliant man.

One of the things that makes me insanely annoyed is the the victimization of black culture by both progressive white people and black "leaders" like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc.

I was listening to NPR on my way to work one morning (don't ask me why I was listening to NPR...masochism?) and there was some sort of "scholar" talking about how white racism is still keeping blacks down today.

His point was that there was a study done about job applications submitted to various positions that all had the same qualifications, skills and experience. The catch was that the applications with names like "Lakisha, T'shandra, Jammal, Tamika" didn't get hired yet names like "Carrie, Jessica, Kristen" did get hired.

First of all lets put our "let's get real hats" on and take our politically correct hats off.

Point 1: People ARE affected by biases based on life experience. (Universal Truth)
Point 2: Most People with black names like "Lakisha, T'shandra, Jammal, Tamika" are black.
Point 3: Most people with black names come from families that are fatherless or have parents not in wedlock (two thirds single parent, 70% not in wedlock.) Statistics
Point 4: This disadvantaged home situation produces children more prone to be incarcerated, addicted to drugs, high school drop-outs, undisciplined, impolite, ignorant of proper behavior/vocabulary/attire for professional environments etc.
Point 5: People do not want to hire individuals with the above behaviors for the risk of making a poor hiring decision that may have a negative effect on their company.

So what is the solution? Force employers to start hiring people with "black names"???

The REAL solution would be:
1. Black folks need to stop naming their children ghetto names and use neutral ones instead like "Layla, Naomi etc." (Bill Cosby agrees)
2. There must be a resurrection of the black family that teaches traditional moral values, discipline, education, common sense etc. That means that black children need their parents to be their role models, not Lebron James or 50 Cent or Beyonce (obviously plenty of white folks need this advice as well).

Oh and one other thing: Eventually I would like to get to the point where race just ceases to be an issue in society so we can STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. Unfortunatley NPR broadcasters such as the one I heard on the way to work insist on constantly regurgitating victimization polemic.

Morgan Freeman says it best:

Capitalist Observer is Back!

Well it's never good to go on Hiatus for 2 weeks while your in the first month of a new blog!

Please bear with me. I've begun a new job in D.C. and as most people know from any new job it kind of consumes everything you do for the first couple weeks.

More frequent posts starting....NOW!

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Barbara Boxer Writes Capitalist Observer a Letter in Response

After making this little diddy I wrote Barbara Boxer a letter to criticize her for her behavior.

She actually responded to me (or at least one of her minions probably did):

"Dear Capitalist Observer:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the recent Senate hearing with Brigadier General Michael Walsh. I appreciate hearing from you on this matter.

Shortly after the hearing, I called General Walsh, and we had a friendly and productive conversation. We expressed our respect for one another and our determination to work together to protect our nation and communities from natural disasters.

Thank you again for writing to me. Please feel free to contact me in the future about this or any other issue of concern to you.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator"

As if the fact that the General was gracious to her excuses her poor performance in the slightest. I don't like to make these blanket comments...but she is truely the biggest idiot in the senate...she's almost Kucinich-like.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Taste of Heaven

Have you ever seen the movie "Master and Commander"? I won't do a movie review on it here but suffice to say, it is probably my favorite movie ever. And I don't just throw out comments like that lightly! Here are a few other favorites of mine:

2. Unforgiven
3. A Few Good Men
4. 3:10 to Yuma
5. Good Will Hunting

Anyways one thing that suprised me about Master and Commander was how much it turned me on to classical music. Something about the open sea, a beautiful navy ship and beautiful cinematography combined with the music of Bach made me appreciate something I might otherwise not have.

I Particularly enjoyed this little number. If you do not want to be lulled into a peacefull paradise, do NOT under any circumstances listen to the music in this video:

'Prelude' (From the Unaccompained Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007)
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
Preformed by Yo-Yo Ma, Cello

I'm told this is one of the best known "interpretations" of the number as performed by "Yo-Yo Ma" who is apparently one of the greatest celloists of our generation.

This version is quite amazing and a little bit faster. I don't like it quite as much as the Yo-Yo interpretation, but it is clearly a masterpiece. It is performed by a man named Mstislav Rostropovich who is apparently a legend.

Or for those of you who are more contemporary minded, try this version. Undoubtedly hated by purists ;)

Barbara Boxer - Quite the Hypocrite

This situation where Barbara Boxer makes a big stink about the General referring to her as ma'am instead of "Senator" has really made me sick.

Thus I was forced to produce the following video to expose this sick hypocrite. Lets get this video out and show this woman for who she is!

Sorry about the bad sound quality, I wanted to make this video as quickly as possible following the incident.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Barbara Boxer.......Lord Give me Strength

This woman has got to be the bane of my existence. It wouldn't be so bad if she was just against everything this country's founding fathers stood for, she also has the added bonus of being cockier than the Fonz yet with the likeability of Joy Behar.

Today she was busy berating a General for calling her "m'am" rather than Senator. It's clear he meant no disrespect, yet she went the extra mile to interrupt him and demand that he refer to her as Senator since she "earned it" (excuse me while I puke). This woman rises and sleeps under the blanket of the millitary's protection and then nitpicks over her precious bureaucratic title.

Click the picture to watch:

Here she is again a while back revelling in her power by berating Sen. Inhofe (notice the "ever objective" CNN anchor Don Lemon saying "good for her" at the end).

This what happens with leftists. They love bossing others around, arrogantly telling you how to live your life (as if they know better than you), gaining power and throwing it in your face.

Conservatives on the other hand prefer to stay out of their neighbor's business and live their life, provide for their families etc. This is why many of the best conservatives never run for office.

Check Out my Post at



Obama Characterizes Iran Election Rioting as "Robust Debate"

So far Obama has claimed he "doesn't want to meddle in Iranian affairs". This immedietly backfired as Iran has already claimed the US is meddling in their affairs. Anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of US-Iranian relations would have been able to figure out that no matter how "hands off" the US's approach is, Iran will still blame "The Great Satan".

Secondly Obama has characterized what is going on in Iran as "A Robust Debate".

This is analogous to calling World War 2 a minor skirmish. Let me try to put this in perspective: The choice Iranians have isn't like a choice between Hitler and Mother Theresa. Hossein Mousavi is no spring chicken and has presided over some questionable practices himself. But make no mistake about it, the world is a more secure place with Mousavi in power instead of Ahmadinejad.

Anytime I want sound common sense analysis on foreign policy, I always turn to John Bolton.

Greta Van Susteran actually did a pretty good job on the recap of the situation. Look for the Bolton interview at 3:35 minutes into this YouTube clip (courtesy of DPS72).

On a lighter note, could there be a connection to the rioting in Los Angeles after the LA Lakers NBA championship victory? Something about Ayatollah Kobe-ni?

You be the judge:

Exit Question: Has the now stable democratic country of Iraq had a positive influence on bringing about the revolt against the holocaust denier in Iran?

Milton Does it Again: It's Not About Electing the Right Politician

For the most part...

I will insert a caveat that there is nothing wrong with searching for and electing the next Reagan type politician.

Friedman's point was that by-and-large politicians are almost always acting in self interest (like everyone else) rather than "for the people". Therefore we shouldn't focus all our hopes and efforts on finding that "diamond in the rough" politician that will do the right thing despite popular opinion: It is far more effective to sway the public from the bottom up which will make it natural(politically profitable) for politicians to do the "right thing".

Friedman certainly practiced this method.

Exit Question: Practically speaking, how do we make it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing?


Yes I did name my new dog Milton. I'll let you guess who he's named after :)

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The Largest Group in America? No it's not the ACLU...

IT'S CONSERVATIVES! Gee who woulda thunk it? Liberals are a much smaller group, yet they do control the television media for the most part, so their influence actually sky rockets. Unfortunatley it is in the nature of the average conservative to keep to themselves and not preach their views....

Someone put it better than I could ever have with the following quote:

"Wanting to acquire political power to reduce the amount of political power you have is a rather unusual desire. So while it is almost natural for leftists to want to run for office - the better to boss their neighbors around - it is very unnatural for conservatives. We would rather be running a business, raising a family, or defending our nation. So out of the broad center-right spectrum the farther right you go the fewer candidates you produce, proportionately."

1934 and 2009 Deja Vu

Below is an actual cartoon from the Chicago Tribune in 1934 during the buildup of government debt through Keynesian spending. Notice the "Plan of action" sign on the bottom left corner and how it references "blaiming capitalism" for the failures of industry. They wouldn't try that same old trick again 75 years later would they?

A lot has changed since 1934. Then again not much has changed. The only thing that remains constant is that polticians are still following those same old tired axioms that keep fooling the masses into voting for them.

Lets get this straight right now. FDR was a good leader during WW2 and played the role of Commander in Chief excellently. Thats where the positive ends for him.

In almost all other areas of his Presidency he was one of the most destructive forces against the founding principals of this nation. The fact that he is now regarded as one of the greatest American Presidents in history is a testament to either the ignorance or craftiness of the media and historical so called "experts".

Sometimes it feels like an excercise in frustration to try to stem the rising tide of dependance on government in this country. Politicians simply pander seperatley to each ethinic or socio economic group they can think of, promising them the world, and the people eat it up hook line and sinker.

But as the great Thomas Sowell once said:

"The first lesson of economics is scarcity. The first lesson of politics is to ignore the first lesson of economics".

Satan Gets Pwned!!!

In today's internet venacular there is a popular phrase used to describe when someone has failed or been defeated in a most convincing fashion. This phrase is known commonly as "pwned" - for example when Sylvester the putty tat tries to eat the tweety bird but gets burnt to a crisp (or whatever his fate that particular episode) one could say (on the internets) that Sylvester the cat got PWNED!

I was reminded of Jesus's victory over death, sin and Satan. Satan thought he had the victory but unfortunatley he only got PWNED by Jesus's death and resurrection. If you are offended by my Christianity too bad!


Music is Bach for your enjoyment

Does Everyone Forget How This Guy (Obama) Got Elected?

If you watched the run up to the election coverage, you would be under the impression that John Mccain was the one "smearing" Barack Obama. You would also get the feeling that anytime Barack Obama went after Mccain, it was based only on fact and in response to a dirty Mccain smear. This is completely false. If you watched Barack Obama on the stump, he smeared Mccain at every turn.

Capitalist Observer has released a video to illustrate this phenomena.

How to Fix Health Care - The Grownup Way

During the campaign you didn't often hear what Barack Obama actually planned to do to institute "change". He just kept repeating the old catch phrases like, "It's time for change!" He repeated these slogans over and over and much of the American public began to believe that change is an end in itself. What is his actual plan? He seems to veil his specific strategies in a cloak of secrecy, lest they be exposed for what they are - A return to socialism in America. Anytime we did receive any specifics about what Obama planned to to fix health care, it was still extremley veiled and unclear.

In one of the debates, Barack Obama talked about what he thinks the problem is in Health Care. He says that health care costs are too high and thinks that these costs need to be lowered so that Americans can afford it. He doesn't go on to say how he would go about doing this. It turns out that part of his plan is to regulate the profits of insurance companies, and force them to allocate these costs to patient care. He thinks this will lower health care costs and improve the system. It sounds like Barack hasn't read his history books about what happens when you try to fix prices.

Barack has change for this country all right. Change toward a government planned economy.

The Capitalist Observer sheds some light with this short video.


The main thrust of the what Obama is doing is to "reform" health care, but to "let" people keep their current insurance setup if they want it. The catch is that he plans on introducing public healthcare to drive private health care out of the marketplace through government imposed monopoly. This is a segway to install universal healthcare once the private insurance companies can no longer compete. This thinly veiled plot is illustrated in the video below:

***Update*** 06/19/09

Feingold admits it!

Regressive Tax Rate?

America needs a progressive regressive tax rate. This way there will be incentive to be productive. Lets say if you make 50k/yr you have a tax rate of 20%. 100K/yr has a tax rate of 10%/yr and 250k+/yr have a rate of 5%!

Wow what a great idea. Something tells me we would see a boom in technological and entrepreneurial advancement. We would also see a lot less “psych”, “sociology” and “environmental studies” majors (ie. pointless majors that contribute nothing to society).

One of my vices is that I tend to mentally operate in the world of the physically impossible as opposed to what is feasible in this educationless nanny state society.

You know why I think WW1 and WW2 was overall good for America? It forced Americans to be (or to remain) independant and tough as nails! We churned out no nonsense entrepreneurs and engineers like crazy over the following decades as we stormed miles ahead of any other country and erased all most of the enormous debt we incurred to finance the war. Now we’ve spent in real dollars more than even during WW2 except now our society is filled with wussies with pointless degrees.

On Fairness

“I’m not in favour of fairness. I’m in favour of freedom. And freedom is not fairness. Fairness means that somebody has to decide what’s fair.” - Milton Freidman

When is the next Milton Friedman going to emerge? Some might say Sowell or Stossel-stache but they are good debaters, Milton was a master debater (ABSOLUTELY NO PUN INTENDED). We need a cross between the intellect of Thomas Sowell and the communication and debating skills of Dinesh D’souza. John Bolton is my favorite guy right now…he killed it on Maher. Even Maher was clearly afraid to get into it with him for fear of being made to look like the intellectual child he is.


Dan Mitchell from the from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity has an excellent post here regarding the whole "class warfare/ fairness" issue. My favorite part is his reference to a certain debate question from Charlie Gibson. Watch and you'll see: