Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wake Up Conservatives,Combat Liberal Lies about Corporations

A video I made before the election that is a commentary on the success the left has had in demonizing corporations.

It was sort of funny listening to it now in retrospect...

It was also meant to be a commentary on what the Republican party needed to do to beat down this deceitful rhetoric.

For the most part I fear that the majority of conservative pundits on the television are incapable of effectively dispelling these liberal talking points.

Unfortunatley, leftist talking points are almost always easier to "blame the corporations for your troubles!!!"

Or the fact that when the government uses taxpayer dollars to build a windmill farm you can tangibly see the result of the money spent, even if it was spent innefficiently. You do not see the individuals who lose their job, or can't find a job due to lack of capital and investment since the government siphoned it off to pay for the windmill.

For all time the conervative's dilemma (also trying to deprogram indoctrinated young voters who were educated by the government).

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