Monday, June 15, 2009

1934 and 2009 Deja Vu

Below is an actual cartoon from the Chicago Tribune in 1934 during the buildup of government debt through Keynesian spending. Notice the "Plan of action" sign on the bottom left corner and how it references "blaiming capitalism" for the failures of industry. They wouldn't try that same old trick again 75 years later would they?

A lot has changed since 1934. Then again not much has changed. The only thing that remains constant is that polticians are still following those same old tired axioms that keep fooling the masses into voting for them.

Lets get this straight right now. FDR was a good leader during WW2 and played the role of Commander in Chief excellently. Thats where the positive ends for him.

In almost all other areas of his Presidency he was one of the most destructive forces against the founding principals of this nation. The fact that he is now regarded as one of the greatest American Presidents in history is a testament to either the ignorance or craftiness of the media and historical so called "experts".

Sometimes it feels like an excercise in frustration to try to stem the rising tide of dependance on government in this country. Politicians simply pander seperatley to each ethinic or socio economic group they can think of, promising them the world, and the people eat it up hook line and sinker.

But as the great Thomas Sowell once said:

"The first lesson of economics is scarcity. The first lesson of politics is to ignore the first lesson of economics".

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