Monday, June 15, 2009

The Largest Group in America? No it's not the ACLU...

IT'S CONSERVATIVES! Gee who woulda thunk it? Liberals are a much smaller group, yet they do control the television media for the most part, so their influence actually sky rockets. Unfortunatley it is in the nature of the average conservative to keep to themselves and not preach their views....

Someone put it better than I could ever have with the following quote:

"Wanting to acquire political power to reduce the amount of political power you have is a rather unusual desire. So while it is almost natural for leftists to want to run for office - the better to boss their neighbors around - it is very unnatural for conservatives. We would rather be running a business, raising a family, or defending our nation. So out of the broad center-right spectrum the farther right you go the fewer candidates you produce, proportionately."

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