Monday, June 15, 2009

Regressive Tax Rate?

America needs a progressive regressive tax rate. This way there will be incentive to be productive. Lets say if you make 50k/yr you have a tax rate of 20%. 100K/yr has a tax rate of 10%/yr and 250k+/yr have a rate of 5%!

Wow what a great idea. Something tells me we would see a boom in technological and entrepreneurial advancement. We would also see a lot less “psych”, “sociology” and “environmental studies” majors (ie. pointless majors that contribute nothing to society).

One of my vices is that I tend to mentally operate in the world of the physically impossible as opposed to what is feasible in this educationless nanny state society.

You know why I think WW1 and WW2 was overall good for America? It forced Americans to be (or to remain) independant and tough as nails! We churned out no nonsense entrepreneurs and engineers like crazy over the following decades as we stormed miles ahead of any other country and erased all most of the enormous debt we incurred to finance the war. Now we’ve spent in real dollars more than even during WW2 except now our society is filled with wussies with pointless degrees.

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