Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barbara Boxer - Quite the Hypocrite

This situation where Barbara Boxer makes a big stink about the General referring to her as ma'am instead of "Senator" has really made me sick.

Thus I was forced to produce the following video to expose this sick hypocrite. Lets get this video out and show this woman for who she is!

Sorry about the bad sound quality, I wanted to make this video as quickly as possible following the incident.


  1. Can't believe her...or can I.

  2. This woman is redicolous...but there are more like her unfortunatley.

  3. How dare this woman (not senator), tell a long active General to refer to her as Senator and not ma'am !!! If she had any sensibility, she would know that those who served in the military refer to everyone as "Sir and Ma'am" no matter their age or standing. his just goes to show wha type of people are in charge of Cali. No wonder it is in such horrible condition.