Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Characterizes Iran Election Rioting as "Robust Debate"

So far Obama has claimed he "doesn't want to meddle in Iranian affairs". This immedietly backfired as Iran has already claimed the US is meddling in their affairs. Anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of US-Iranian relations would have been able to figure out that no matter how "hands off" the US's approach is, Iran will still blame "The Great Satan".

Secondly Obama has characterized what is going on in Iran as "A Robust Debate".

This is analogous to calling World War 2 a minor skirmish. Let me try to put this in perspective: The choice Iranians have isn't like a choice between Hitler and Mother Theresa. Hossein Mousavi is no spring chicken and has presided over some questionable practices himself. But make no mistake about it, the world is a more secure place with Mousavi in power instead of Ahmadinejad.

Anytime I want sound common sense analysis on foreign policy, I always turn to John Bolton.

Greta Van Susteran actually did a pretty good job on the recap of the situation. Look for the Bolton interview at 3:35 minutes into this YouTube clip (courtesy of DPS72).

On a lighter note, could there be a connection to the rioting in Los Angeles after the LA Lakers NBA championship victory? Something about Ayatollah Kobe-ni?

You be the judge:

Exit Question: Has the now stable democratic country of Iraq had a positive influence on bringing about the revolt against the holocaust denier in Iran?

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