Monday, June 15, 2009

How to Fix Health Care - The Grownup Way

During the campaign you didn't often hear what Barack Obama actually planned to do to institute "change". He just kept repeating the old catch phrases like, "It's time for change!" He repeated these slogans over and over and much of the American public began to believe that change is an end in itself. What is his actual plan? He seems to veil his specific strategies in a cloak of secrecy, lest they be exposed for what they are - A return to socialism in America. Anytime we did receive any specifics about what Obama planned to to fix health care, it was still extremley veiled and unclear.

In one of the debates, Barack Obama talked about what he thinks the problem is in Health Care. He says that health care costs are too high and thinks that these costs need to be lowered so that Americans can afford it. He doesn't go on to say how he would go about doing this. It turns out that part of his plan is to regulate the profits of insurance companies, and force them to allocate these costs to patient care. He thinks this will lower health care costs and improve the system. It sounds like Barack hasn't read his history books about what happens when you try to fix prices.

Barack has change for this country all right. Change toward a government planned economy.

The Capitalist Observer sheds some light with this short video.


The main thrust of the what Obama is doing is to "reform" health care, but to "let" people keep their current insurance setup if they want it. The catch is that he plans on introducing public healthcare to drive private health care out of the marketplace through government imposed monopoly. This is a segway to install universal healthcare once the private insurance companies can no longer compete. This thinly veiled plot is illustrated in the video below:

***Update*** 06/19/09

Feingold admits it!

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